UKash banking guide for visitors of UK gambling sites

Most UK gambling sites nowadays offer an opportunity to choose UKash as a preferable deposit option. This is one of the safest and fastest banking options out there. In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about UKash online transaction system used to put money on your online casino account.

UKash is a part of the Smart Voucher Ltd. company that was established in 2001. British gamblers will be certainly pleased to find out that this company is governed by the FSA ( Finance Services Authority of Great Britain). Another thing that will certainly make this deposit method even more lucrative for the visitors of UK gambling sites is that it was first focused in the United Kingdom and only then spread to many other European countries. Right now residents of practically all countries-members of EU and other states can use UKash to buy things via internet, to book tickets, to pay for various services and certainly to gamble online. Unfortunately, this banking option is not available for players from North America.


UKash is probably not as well-known and acknowledged as some other payment options like NETeller or PayPal, however it offers numerous advantages for its users, especially if they reside in the Great Britain and European region. Using UKash is slightly different from using some other online payment processors. To be able to use it you need an UKash voucher that can be purchased in numerous locations in Great Britain and all over Europe. Locations with such signs as Epay, PayPoint or payzone will usually sell UKash vouchers. Besides such land-based locations, you can also obtain a voucher through your mobile phone or get it online. Once you purchase a voucher, you will see a 19-digit PIN code on it. The next step is actually to visit the UK online casino that supports payments via UKash and enter this code number in the respective field. All the money you want to put on your casino account will be transferred the very minute you press an OKAY button.

As you can see from the procedure described above, UKash has following advantages over some other banking options. First of all, it’s extremely safe. You don’t have to share your bank details or personal information with casino operators. The only thing you need to provide is just that 19-digit code specified on your UKash voucher and that’s it! The second advantage is that all the transactions are executed in no time. You don’t have to wait for hours or days to be able to enjoy all your favourite games on UK gambling sites. Third, there are no age-limits for using vouchers. Fourth, UKash vouchers are sold in various denominations. And fifth, they are available in hundreds locations all over UK and Europe!

As for the downsides of UKash, it cannot be used to withdraw money from accounts on UK gambling sites as it is a voucher system. What’s more, the highest limit for a voucher is £500 that can be rather frustrating for high-rollers. On the other hand, it can help you manage your bankroll wisely because you will never be able to go over the sum specified on the voucher.

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