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Bingo Beginners Guide

Choosing your site

When you first arrive at a bingo site take time to explore the site before registering and remember to look at the terms and conditions. Also ask yourself these questions…

Who owns the site?
Where is the site licensed from?
Does the site have 24/7 support?
Can I try bingo for free?
What bonuses and promotions are on offer?
What deposit and withdraw options do they offer?
How long does it take to get my winnings?


Once you’ve chosen a bingo site to try out you’ll be required to register. The process is pretty simple. You will need to add all your details to the form including your name, address, email. Some sites will ask you for a debit card or credit card to prove you are who you say you are. This is not unusual so don’t panic, remember, they will not take money from your account without your permission.

Bingo Beginners

Choosing a bingo nickname

This is where the fun starts. You need to choose a name that will be your alias. This is basically your nickname and one that you will be referred to by Chat Managers as well as fellow bingo players. They can be as weird and as whacky as you like but try not to make them rude! Here are some examples: BingoBabe2, Sexysall, 00heaven, StayinAlive and Pete69.

Entering the bingo lobby

Once you’ve completed the registration process you’ll need to login (some sites do this automatically when you first register). In the lobby you’ll find a list of bingo rooms, the current jackpot size, and perhaps other things like a list of side games, the total number of players (or Roomies) online and info on current and future promotions. Take a little time to explore the bingo lobby and get used to navigating around it.

Ready to play? Let’s make that first deposit!

For some people making their first deposit at an online bingo site can be a bit daunting. Don’t panic! There is nothing to worry about. These sites are as secure as any online bank. We suggest your first deposit is in the region of £20. Why? Well all bingo sites offer a 100%, cash match or welcome bonus, which basically means they double your first deposit. Once you’ve made your first deposit and learn to love bingo you’ll kick yourself for not taking more advantage of the welcome bonus.

Choosing a bingo room

There’s usually a choice of at least four bingo rooms to choose from. Most sites offer 75 ball bingo with a 10p room and a 25p room as well as the standard 90 ball 10p and 25p rooms. It’s not uncommon to find 50p rooms and sometimes £1.00 high roller rooms. We suggest you go for a 10p room in either a 75 ball or 90 ball. This will allow you to try out the game without spending too much. I can recommend landmark bingo website for bingo online games! Continue reading

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