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Most influential baccarat players

Baccarat as we have come to know it today wouldn’t be what it is if not for a few players who had an incredible and life-changing impact on the game. When trying to master the game of baccarat it’s a good idea to familiarize oneself with these players. After all, without them the game probably wouldn’t be what it is today. These are also the players who helped introduce the game to pop culture often in the form of films or books.

Some of the worlds most famous and celebrated baccarat players include Jackie Chan, Sean Connery as well as Michael Jordan. Jackie Chan even featured the game in several of his films. Then there is James Bond who, though fictional, helped make the game what it is today. But there are many other players who while they may not be A-list celebrities like Jackie Chan or Sean Connery they certainly should also be acknowledged. These are the players most serious beginners will most definitely have heard of. They’re the authorities in baccarat and are the go-to-people for players who are looking to improve their game.

Akio Kashiwagi

Akio Kashiwagi

Akio Kashiwagi is a player who is famous in baccarat circles for holding two records that seem rather contradictory. He is both the man credited with winning one the largest sums at a single sitting as well as losing an inordinate amount.

In 1990, Kashiwagi won $6 million at an Atlantic City Casino from a single bet of $200 000. Many couldn’t believe Kasiwagi’s luck and remained in awe of him. This however was only until he returned a few months later to the very same baccarat table in Atlantic City. This time Kashiwagi wasn’t so lucky. He lost $10 million that night. This shocking loss earned Kashiwagi the reputation as a big risk taker and the only baccarat player in the world to have won and lost such enormous sums in a single hand.

In 1990 he also got embroiled in a legal battle with another Atlantic City casino then owned by Donald Trump. Due to the dispute Kashiwagi left the casino with an estimated two million dollars worth of chips. At that point the veteran gambler had already lost a total of ten million dollars. According to Kashiwagi, the casino failed to honor their side of the agreement.

Kashiwagi was brutally murdered in January 1992 near his Mount Fujii home. The gambler was stabbed 150 times with a samurai sword. At the time of his death, the legal dispute between him and the Atlantic City Casino still hadn’t been resolved. He also still owned several casinos amounts totaling several million dollars. Continue reading

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