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Baccarat Hand Rules

Here’s part II of II in our [ How To Play Baccarat ] series.

You know how to play Baccarat now. Let’s get into hand rules so you’ll know why that one additional card is given or not.

Just like in Blackjack the card’s rank is its point value. The object in Baccarat is to get the closest to 9 as possible. Tens and face cards are worth 0.

If the cards equal a sum over 10, the first digit is dropped. For instance, if the Banker received a 7 and a 8, which is 15, the first digit is dropped, so the Banker has 5.

Sample Baccarat Hand Values
Cards Value
8 + King 8
7 + 6 3
Queen + Jack 0
4 + 7 1

If either side is dealt a combination that is 8 or 9 points in the first two cards, it’s called a natural and the hand is over. Example:

Banker has a 4 + 5
Player has a 10 + 2

Banker has a natural 9. Player has 2. Banker wins, natural 9 over 2.

If the result is a tie, your Banker or Player wager pushes, and Tie bets are paid.

The Player’s hand is the first to be acted on, which gives Banker a slight edge. You already know that a 8 or 9 ceases the hand. The Player will also stand on a 6 or 7. Anything else and the Player draws one card.

Player Hand Rules
Value Action
8 or 9 Stand with natural 8 or 9
6 or 7 Stand
0-5 Draw one card

Now, let’s move to the Banker. If the Player didn’t take a card, the Banker will stand on a 6,7,8 or 9 and take one card on everything else. However, if the Player does take a card, here’s how it will play out.

Banker Hand Rules If Player Draws One Card
Value Action
0-2 Draw one card
3 Draw unless Player’s hand is 8
4 Draw if Player’s hand is 2-7
5 Draw if Player’s hand is 4-7
6 Draw if Player’s hand is 6 or 7.
7-9 Stand

Baccarat – Ready, Set, Play

You’re now up to speed with this fantastic game. It’s one of my favorites. I’ve won a lot of money playing Baccarat. I find the game to be exciting. You just never know what the next card will do. Did you know that betting on the Banker in Baccarat is the best bet in the house? The house advantage on the Banker bet in Baccarat is just over 1%!

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How To Play Baccarat – Part I of II

There are two types of Baccarat – regular and mini. The regular version is played in a high-limit room and is a formal game. The mini version is the one you’ll most likely be playing. Mini-Baccarat is played at a Blackjack style table. There’s one dealer and a handful of seats.

Baccarat was the first game I learned to deal when I went to dealer’s school prior to turning 21 and entering the casino industry. I loved it instantly. If you’re an action type of person, this isn’t the game for you. Baccarat is a game handled solely by the dealer.

Baccarat Layout

Your part of the layout consists of three betting points – Banker, Player and Tie. In front of the dealer are two spaces – one for Banker and one for Player. This is where each hand will be played out.

As a player of Baccarat, your job is to figure out who’s going to win. Banker and Player wagers pay even money, but there’s a 5% vig on bets won on the Banker, because the Banker has a slight edge. Ties pay 9 to 1 (sometimes it’s different).

Play Baccarat

Playing Baccarat

Before we go over the actual hand rules, I thought it best to give you a quick rundown of an actual hand. Baccarat is played with six or eight 52-card decks out of a shoe.

Prior to each hand being played, you must select either Player or Banker to put your money on. You can also place a wager on the Tie, but it’s a very bad bet to make.

Once all wagers are in place, the dealer will deal two cards on the Banker spot and two cards on the Player spot. Each side will get up to one additional card and I’ll explain how in a moment.

Finally, the dealer will push the cards of the winning side up to signal a winner and take or pay all wagers.

In part two of How to Play Baccarat, we’ll go over Baccarat Hand Rules.

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Brain Training Exercises to Keep your Mind Casino-Ready

Playing online casino games requires serious brain skills. Calculating odds, spotting patterns, tallying up how much to wager, as well as testing your ability to focus over the course of a fast-paced game all add up to a tough workout for several centres of the brain.

While you might think that enjoying a game of roulette or bingo is nothing more than a spot of fun, recent studies suggest that you’re actually improving your mental capacity while you play. Memory capacity is tested, as well as mathematical skill, mental speed and agility, while social skills are given a workout too when you’re chatting with other players via chatrooms and live chat.

So the roulette, bingo and casino games on offer at sites like Jackpotjoy are brain exercises, but at the same time, the better exercised your brain is to begin with, the more success you’ll have at these games. With this in mind, we’ve taken a look at some of the best brain training exercises you can do to improve the kind of brain skills you need to win big, whether you’re playing online roulette, bingo, or your favourite card game.

Swap hands

Here’s a simple brain-boosting exercise you can do right now. Switch the hand that you’re currently using to control your mouse. It’ll feel strange at first, and more than a little difficult, much like the first time you tried to tie your shoelaces. This is a sign that your brain is working on a new skill, developing whole new neurons in the brain, helping your brain to grow. Try using your less-dominant hand for more tasks around the home, like brushing your teeth, weeding the garden, and for drawing and writing.

Memory work

For games available at most popular sites, such as bingo, memory capacity is incredibly important. You need to be able to remember the winning pattern correctly, and if you aren’t using auto-daub, you need to remember which numbers have been called. For more complex games like poker and blackjack, you need to remember odds, card suits, and the actions of your fellow players if you’re going to play successfully. Exercises you can use to boost your memory powers can be as simple as memorising your shopping list before you go to the shops, doing a crossword puzzle, or stimulating existing memory paths by taking a moment to try and recollect an event or object from your past.

Vary your routine

The same day-in day-out routine can lead to your brain becoming lazy because it’s experiencing exactly the same things every day. Vary your routine, and you’ll waken up the brain to new experiences it will be forced to remember. Varying your habits can be as simple as taking a different route to work, walking instead of driving to the shops, cooking something you’ve never made before, or taking a up a new hobby like a musical instrument or yoga.

Improve your spatial awareness

This is an important skill to boost if you want to win big on bingo games. Having better spatial awareness allows you to pick out patterns better, and to work with an increased number of bingo cards. One fun way to boost this skill is to pick up a Rubik’s Cube. It exercises your brain’s visual and spatial awareness areas, so while it may seem infuriatingly challenging, try not to give up!

All of these mentally stimulating tasks have benefits far beyond helping you to play more successfully at any popular sites. Besides helping to boost the mental abilities needed to play games like roulette, bingo and poker, these brain training exercises have also been shown to help maintain good mental health into old age, even delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

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Just Give Me the Blackjack Basics

If you go to the casino you’ve probably heard about blackjack, and if you’ve heard about it, you want to learn to play. Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular and widely played casino games because it is so fun, fast-moving and challenging.

The game requires a high level of chance and luck, but there are ways to better your odds. First, you need to get the basics of the game of blackjack before you move into more challenging strategy.

Blackjack’s Basic Rules

Blackjack is played with a 52-card deck just like poker. One or more players play against a single dealer, players do not compete with one another. Each player is dealt two cards, and the dealer is dealt two cards, one face up one face down.

The object is to get as close to 21 or exactly 21 without going over. Any player at the table who has a total higher than the dealer’s total without going over 21, wins that hand.


In blackjack, face cards count as ten and every other number card counts for its numeric value. A King and an 8 give you 18. A jack and a four is 14, and so on. Aces count as either 1 or 11.

A Jack and an Ace is a blackjack. This hand beats all hands including any other combination equaling 21.

Playing Blackjack

After players are dealt their cards they can hit (draw another card from the dealer) as many times as they like until they get close to 21 and decide to stand.

When all players decide to stand the hand is over. Now, the dealer turns over their cards. In most casinos, if the dealer has less than 17 they must draw a card. If the dealer has over 17 they automatically stand and do not take a card.

After the dealer’s hand is over all cards are compared and the winners get paid.

There are many strategies in blackjack. Some conservative players stand on any hand, hoping the dealer busts. Other players hit aggressively hoping to beat the dealer with a bigger hand.

Playing Multi-Hand Blackjack Online

Blackjack is more exciting when you play multiple hands online because you can win more often. It’s also easier to play online because you simply click to hit, stand or double down. features exciting, fast-paced multi-hand blackjack with additional ways to win. The cards you are dealt count as poker hands. If you land a pair, straight or flush, you win up to 100 times your bet.

This adds to the excitement because you have a chance at a huge payout. Bet up to L1000 and a straight flush will payout L100,000!

You can split face cards, double down on your hands, and more! To try the game now, go to

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UK casinos online powered by Playtech

Such UK casinos online as Omni Casino, Casino Tropez, Golden Palace and others enjoy incredible popularity among British gamblers. However, not all gamblers are aware of the fact that all these sites are powered by Playtech company. In this article we are gong to tell you more about this leader of online gambling industry in Europe that develops internet casino platforms of exquisite quality and reliability.

Playtech is a highly acclaimed gambling provider that was established in 2000. Within these ten years of service Playtech managed to polish its software to perfection. Playtech online casinos feature a whole range of most popular online casino games including slot machines, video poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps and many others. Every game is presented in multiple variations from the most traditional ones to the most modern and exclusive. A whole range of UK casinos online works on Playtech platform bringing the games of incredible quality to customers. Unfortunately, Playtech discontinued working on the territory of the United States of America due to the UIGEA legislation passed in October 2006. However, European gamblers can still enjoy Playtech casinos.

One of the main factors that ensure the popularity of Playtech platform is the fairness and honesty of every single game. Before being licensed to any operator, every game undergoes a thorough testing and certification by Technical Systems Testing independent company. Therefore, all the Playtech games are absolutely trustworthy and guarantee fair payouts and winning possibilities.

The second factor that cannot left without attention in the modern online gambling world is the quality of graphics and sound of Playtech games. Slick interface, bright symbols and close-to-real-life experience can impress even the most sophisticated and demanding online casino visitors. Whatever game you play, you will also enjoy clear and suitable sound effects that add on to the general gambling experience. By the way, the quality of graphics and sound stay basically the same either you use download software or an instant play version.

Probably the only minus that can lead to disappointment is that Playtech software platform is not yet available in the 3D alternative. 3D technologies are on the rise right now, so we can hope that Playtech developing company will soon come up with something 3D-powered. Let’s just give the guys some time!

And we have finally reached the most interesting part of our Playtech review- the assortment of games. Whatever quality, trustworthy and functional the games are, this is not only about the quality, but also about the quantity. Having visited several Playtech-powered UK casinos online we can assure you that you will not be disappointed by the offered variety. For example, Omni Casino offers every visitor a rich assortment of over 100 games. A category of table games includes such popular casino games as craps, roulette (European, American and Mini), Sic Bo, Wild Viking ( fascinating mix of Roulette and Poker) and many other enjoyable games. A slot machines category reveals the whole world of slots adventures in classic single line slots, progressive classic slots, classic multi line slots, video multi spin slots, 5/8/9 line video slots, 15/20/25 line video slots and incredible 30 and 50 line video slots. Card games section offers you such old good games as blackjack (21 Duel blackjack, blackjack surrender, blackjack switch), baccarat, CasinoHoldEm,Casino War, Let it Ride, Pai Gow, Poker Three and others. For gamblers who like to try something new there is a nice category of incredible Asian Games. And by the way, Playtech is regularly adding new games so that you always have something to enjoy!

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New online slot games by Microgaming released

Microgaming software developing company has just a few competitors on the internet gambling market. Such online casinos as Platinum Play, River Belle Casino, Spin Palace Casino and other gambling sites powered by Microgaming enjoy huge popularity among UK gamblers. Quite recently British players have got one more reason to visit Microgaming casinos. Four brand-new games by Microgaming based on various exciting themes have been released in October. They are Tiger’s Eye, Steifest, Monsters in the Closet and Dolphin Coast. We hesitated of which slot game deserves to be reviewed first of all, but finally picked the Tiger’s Eye slot. Read further to learn what is so special about this slot machine.

The first thing that attracted us to the Tiger’s Eye slot game is certainly the chosen topic. Spinning the reels of this colourful and perfectly crafted online slot machine, you make an adventure into the jungles of India. Solemn and triumphant music accompanies the whole gambling process. Various animals and birds inhabiting Indian jungles will meet you on the lines of the Tiger’s Eye slot. The first of them is an Indian Tiger, a real king of the local jungles. If you manage you get 5 Tigers on the activated payline, then your initial wager will be increased by 800. Less dangerous, but also profitable symbols are deers and monkeys. Five monkeys pay 700 coins if you are lucky enough to align 5 such symbols on the line. A gorgeous peacock famous for its colourful tail pays from 40 to 500 coins depending on the number of symbols. A funny monkey is ready to award you with 400 credits and you will receive 300 credits for 5 symbols of animal footprints.

Besides standard features, Tiger’s Eye slot game will also attract attention of UK online casinos visitors by stacked wilds with great payouts. Tiger’s Eye logo is a wild symbol that expands to all the lines of the reel. It can substitute all ordinary symbols, but not a scatter. 3 wilds pay 120 credits, 4 wilds- 500 credits and, finally, 5 wilds will award a lucky player with an incredible payout of 1000 credits.

Another symbol to look out for is the Golden Tiger that acts as a scatter. 3 or more golden statuettes trigger an amazing free spins round with 10 free games. In the very beginning there are no multipliers employed, but with every free game the multiplier increases by 1x. Therefore, any wins in the last of 10 free games will be multiplied by 10! Unfortunately, free games cannot be retriggered.

Tiger’s Eye slot game features 40 lines. You can bet from 1 to 5 lines for every line. Coin denomination ranges from 0.01 to 0.05. If ordinary payouts are not enough for you, then you can challenge your luck by playing a Gamble Game. Once you get any winning combination on the reels, you can double or quadruple your prizes by pressing the GAMBLE button. You will see a card face down in front of you on the screen. If you guess its colour, then your prize gets doubled. If you guess its suit, then your prize is multiplied by 4. Keep in mind, that if you have a bad luck, then you lose your previous winnings put on stake completely.

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