2012 trends and tendencies of the global gambling industry

Not only UK online casinos, but the world gambling industry is on the raise right now. We are getting close to the halfway mark of 2012, therefore it’s a right time to draw some сonclusions. 2012 is the year of technologies that are growing at the incredible tempo. And it shows perfectly well when it comes to online gambling trends and UK online casinos. Online gambling has never been as real, convenient, comfortable and exciting as it is now. Experts of our site have marked out several trends that have been typical for the first half of 2012 that are likely to develop in the second part as well. Are you interested? Well, you should be!!!

1. Live-dealer casinos. In the very beginning of online gambling industry all casino games were extremely dull and simple. We could only dream of any beautiful graphics, animation or sound effects that have become a sure thing right now. Nowadays software providers do anything they can to bring out online gambling experience as close to real life as possible. Live-dealer casino games open an absolutely new stage in the history of online gambling. Today computer and internet technologies make it possible for us to interact with a real dealer and other players sitting at the table. There is a real-time video feed as well as a chat that you can use to communicate with other players while your cards are dealt. However, live-dealer casino games are not only about realistic experience but also about credibility. The thing that you actually see a real person dealing the cards leaves no doubts about the honesty of the game compare to the games regulated by the random number generator. Right now, most largest UK online casinos as 888.com and Victor Chandler Casino offer live-dealer games for you to enjoy.

2. Zero series of casino games. As far as you may know, practically all casino games have a certain house edge, i.e. the casino advantage. However, the modern tendency shows that the largest and most reputable gambling sites on the market start offering games with zero margin. Most popular of them are zero-margin roulette and zero-margin baccarat that offer practically 100% return. Out of all UK online casinos, Betfair was the first gambling site to offer zero roulette. The main difference of it from all other variations of roulette is that there is no zero pocket on the wheel. Zero roulette and zero baccarat have quickly become players’ favourite games.

3. Great assortment of promos and bonuses. Times when the assortment of casino games was the critical factor of choosing the online casino are over. Promos and bonuses are driving the whole gambling industry nowadays. These are the first factors that players pay attention to when visiting a gambling site for the first time. And casino operators make incredible offers to stand out among the competitors!!! For example, practically every large online casino offers some promos dated to the FIFA World Cup 2014. There are special bonuses, tournaments and even betting events aimed at the football fans that one doesn’t know where to look first!

4. Mobile gambling. Mobile technologies get better and better every day! Smartphones, iPhones and the whole bunch of other mobile gadgets have flooded the market completely. Casino software developers now offer special mobile gambling platforms suitable for touch screen technologies and software of modern cellphones. Betfair was one of the first UK online casinos to develop a special mobile gambling software that included all the most popular games of this operator. You can sip coffee in your favourite cafe, hang out with friends and still enjoy all your favourite casino games! Isn’t it awesome?

These are just several tendencies typical for the first part of 2012 to our point of view. It’s hard even to imagine what the rest part of 2012 has in stock for us!

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